Владимир Вент (went) wrote,
Владимир Вент

Первый кандидат и победитель.

Никакого бородатого волшебника не надо, чтобы определить мирового победителя в номинации "Разводка года".
Ребята собрали уже по разным оценкам от 30 до 150 тысяч долларов!

Встречаем Cicret:

Всего по паре толковых комментов на тысячу:

Their website is a FREE WordPress account with a WordPress template and has spelling errors in the title! Only two of the pictures shown are not stock and the ones they do use I'm sure are used without Samsung's permission.

"At the beginning, there was a simple sketch…"(stupid napkin drawing)

"…then a first moulding." (stupid plastic mold)

"Now it’s a dream we want to share with you." Pretty sure that is all they did, sketch, mold, PRODUCT!!! and they want 1 million euros to finish the first prototype. This might be somebody's good idea, but they are trying really hard to not show you how they built it.

"Contact us" is a free gmail account... Yep everything about this say scam.

Yes, it's a complete scam. No doubt idiots will throw money at them, as with the nearly as stupid solar road panel projects, or the flying cars. Who knows, maybe the suckers will learn something after losing their money.

У нас будет своя оптика, с пикопроэкторами и атомной нанобатарейкой, котаны!
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